cmd368体育_Always have a reliable backup. You never know when disaster will strike. But mark my words: Every hard drive fails eventually, and if you don’t have a good backup of your personal data (pictures, music, documents) then when your drive does fail, all that data will be gone forever. I recommend a dual backup. Use an external hard drive and a simple backup program so you have easy access to your stuff if you need it, but also spend a little money on a cloud backup solution like Mozy or Carbonite. That way, if your computer is ever stolen or it bursts into flames, you have a reliable copy of your data stored online.总是有一个可信的备份。你总有一天不告诉灾难什么时候不会再次发生。但是忘记我的话:每个硬盘最后都会过热,如果你的个人数据(图片、音乐、文件)没一个好的备份,那么当你的驱动器过热时,所有数据将总有一天消失。

我引荐双重备份。用于一个外置硬盘和一个非常简单的备份程序,以便你在必须时精彩地采访你的东西,但也花上一点钱在像Mozy 或Carbonite那样的云备份解决方案上。这样,一旦你的电脑被盗或发生爆炸,你在线存储的数据就有一个可信的拷贝。

Keep a recovery checklist. If you ever have to “rebuild” a computer – reinstall programs, set up email, reconnect to your printer, and so on – I’m sorry. It’s no fun. But it’s even less fun not knowing what to do, or having to aimlessly browse the Internet looking for instructions. Here’s what to do instead: Take the time right now to write down all the steps you need to get a new PC up and running, including all the special settings. Keep that paper printed out (not just stored in your Documents folder) and in a location that you can easily get to when you need it.记录一份完全恢复表格。如果你曾多次“修复”过电脑,新的安装程序,设置电子邮件,新的相连打印机等等——我很难过。这没任何体验。

但不告诉做到什么更加无趣,或者被迫漫无目的地网页互联网找寻指令。这是要做到的事情:现在花上时间写你必须重新启动并运营电脑的所有步骤,还包括所有类似设置。把那张纸打印机出来(某种程度是储存在你的文件夹里)放到一个你必须时很更容易寻找的方位。Only change one thing at a time. Need to upgrade, fix, or replace a few things? Make changes to your PC or network one at a time. Adding new memory to your computer? Install it, make sure everything still works for a day or two, and then replace the video card. If you change two or more things at once, it can be really hard to know how to troubleshoot the system when things go awry.一次只转变一件事情。


如果你一次转变两个或两个以上的东西,当事情错误时很难告诉如何解决问题系统故障。The simplest solution is usually the best solution. One of the problems with my home network was that it was needlessly complicated. My wireless extender made my entire network more fragile and convoluted. I tried troubleshooting for a spell, but in the end I did what I should have done to begin with: I replaced the router with a new, high quality model. Miraculously, the new router had the range to reach all around my house and solved all my glitchy network problems without the need for an extender.最简单的解决方案一般来说是最差的解决方案。我家庭网络的其中一个问题并没那么简单。



Have a cookie. Having computer trouble? It can get really frustrating, really fast. Remember to occasionally walk away – take a break, have a cookie, and decompress. Then take a fresh look at the problem a bit later, knowing there are more cookies what last one came from.不吃块饼干。遇上电脑困难?这知道不会迅速显得很失望。