cmd368体育_A new Apple store scheduled to open on Saturday in Beijing will be the companys largest retail store in Asia, a senior company official said today.订于周六在北京开业的一个新的苹果店将是该公司在亚洲仅次于的专卖店,苹果公司高层今天说道。John Browett, Apples senior vice president of retail, said the new store in the Wangfujing shopping district will be the companys largest store in Asia, with more than 300 employees and a full range of accessories for Apple products.苹果公司零售业务高级副总裁John Browett说道,在王府井购物区的新店将是该公司在亚洲仅次于的专卖店,享有员工300余人,品种齐全的苹果产品配件。Browett did not say whether the company will offer the iPhone 5 to the mainland market when the Wangfujing store opens.Browett没透漏当王府井店开业时该公司否不会向中国大陆获取iPhone5。

The Wangfujing store was open to the media for one hour this morning. The iPhone5 was not on display at the store, although headphones designed for the phone were on display.王府井店今天上午向媒体对外开放一小时。 iPhone5没在商店陈列,尽管专门在该手机设计的耳机在展出中。Apple is stepping up its efforts to expand its presence in China. Browett said a store in south Chinas city of Shenzhen is just about to open and more stores are coming across China.苹果公司于是以加紧努力不断扩大其在中国的市场。

Browett说道,在中国南方城市深圳的商店“急忙开业”以及“更好的专卖店将转入中国。”We are looking foward to serving every Chinese customer in every city, said Browett. But thats going to take us some time.“我们盼望服务每一个城市的中国顾客,”Browett说道。


“但是这即将花费我们一些时间。”Smartphones have overtaken desktop computers as the primary means of accessing the Internet for most Chinese, according to data from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).根据中国互联网信息中心(CNNIC)的数据,智能手机早已多达台式电脑沦为大多数中国人终端互联网的主要手段。

CNNIC data indicates that 388 million Chinese regularly surfed the Internet via thecmd368体育ir mobile phones as of the end of June.中国互联网信息中心的数据表明,到六月底有3.88亿中国人常常用于手机网际网路。Apple has 390 retail stores around the world. The Wangfujing store is its third in Beijing and sixth on the Chinese mainland.苹果公司在世界各地享有390个零售商店。王府井店是其在北京的第三家,也中国大陆的第六家店。